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Vol. 21 (60), № 1. 2008
Philosophy. Culturology. Political sciences. Sociology


Baranov V.E.
Prospects of personality of life of man in a post industrial epoch.
The author of the article argues against substitution of notions of personality and individual in modern science. A separate accent is put on development of personality in the conditions of modern post industrial society. It is assumed that modern humanity costs on a threshold high-quality new transformations in the field of public relations that in same queue results in forming of a new type of man.

Goroshko Yu.N.
Notion is a “spirit” and “spirituality” in comparative studies.
In the article the comparative strategies of studying the spirit phenomenon are analyzed and the role and place of the comparative investigations in a process of searching a new sense filling of such traditional ideas of culture as spirit and spirituality.

Gusachenko V.V.
So0cial background of anthropological duality.
The article is developed to the problem of identity of man in the conditions of globalization. An author subjects the phenomenon of cosmopolitanism to the analysis and also pays attention to the problem of scopes of ethnic cultures in the conditions of global association.

Ilyanovich E.B.
Antropological contradictions of globalization.
The phenomenon of globalization is analyzed in the article: its genesis, maintenance, contradictions, possible consequences. The author opens a number of negative aspects, which the person shipped in this universal process collides with. By separate line it is allocated globalizm, acting in opinion of the author as an ideological basis of globalization.

Masalimova A.P.
“HOMO-SAPIENTISMUS” – type of marginala of modern epoch.
The paper examines a characteristic of a man of man-caused civilization a marginal of the modern culture. According to the author’s opinion, the life of the man of the post-industrial epoch is conditioned by goal-rational activity, however, since the borders of the universal mind are relative, meta-rationality is suggested to be the way of harmonizing the existence of man and the society as a whole.

Mikitinets A.Yu.
Notion of crisis in philosophical discourse : anthropological aspect.
An author asserts that a crisis is inalienable component of philosophy and in this context as an example examines an anthropological crisis.

Mureyko L.V.
Depersonalization processes in informational society in terms of “artificial intelligence” researches.
The article presents comparative analysis of “artificial intelligence” and mass consciousness, “clever machine” and person of mass studies.

Okorokov V.B.
Unconscious and borders of a sociality.
Borders of human mentality and sociality during becoming boundary situations are analyzed. Rizomes principle of G. Deleuze is generalized on research of the most general models of behavior of the person in a society.

Pendyurina L.P.
Dzhiddu Krishnamurti and problem of human in modern western philosophy.
In the article there are considered peculiarities of the understanding of person in the doctrine of Krishnamurti, analyzed new conception of human, appearing as a result of processing by him of the main ideas of western and eastern culture.

Telizhenko L.V.
The concept of integrity in Christian anthropology from the position of post-non-classical methodology.
The article deals with the analysis of prospects of comprehension of the Christian conception of a person’s integrity from the position of post-non-classical methodology.

Shapoval V.N.
Man in face of basic call of XXI age.
In article it is spoken about the main thing to a problem of a human civilization as which anthropogenous pressure upon biosphere is consider to resist to which wildlife any more in a condition.

Shtanko I.A.
Ambitendency social-anthropological consequences of informatization.
The modern information and computer technologies effect on personality is analyzed. Special attention is given to the problem of self-identity formation in virtual reality.

Andros O.E.
Significance and the special features of the biocentric model of the development of the contemporary civilization: the ecologist’s movement view.
Author gives the definition of ecologist movement also differences in the sense of terms “ecologism”, “ecology” and “environmental protection” are mentioned. The characteristic of biocentric model of the civilization development in opposition to the anthropocentric model is given. This article contents analysis of effectiveness of this kind of organizations in the globalized world, preferences of “network structure” in comparing with the structure of the “classical” protest movements.

Bobovnikova I.A.
The culturological fundamental of artistic (musical) image.
The article researches possibility of usage integrate potential of the humanities for analysis of artistic (musical) image.

Bogataya  L.M.
The meta-space of sense and the hierarchical development of its elements.
The development of representations about meta-space of sense are considered in article. The question about the hierarchical development of language, sense, consciousness with the aim of research the functioning of senses meta-space is discussed.

Brizhan E.Yu.
Myth about “inequality of chaffs”.
A question about that is examined in this article as far as the use of expressions is correct “equality of rights of chaffs” and “equality of chaffs” as synonyms of notion genderne equality of rights. An author designs the public device about which it is just to sreak that it contains principle of inequality of chaffs. Equality of chaffs in the article is examined as contradictory notion.

Velichko S.A.
Discours lethality in a modern world.
In the article the problem of decline in modern society of level of lethal influence is examined on becoming of features of immanent life of man. The main task of work is a study of reasons of declihe of the lethal affecting becoming of features of the internal world of man and also intim and psychological consequences of falling of this influence.

Volkovinskaya V.A.
The “death of subject” and Heidegger’s poetical thought.
In the article the “death of subject” principle formulated by Foucault in it’s correlation with Heidegger’s late works is studied. Heidegger’s and Foucault’s thoughts comparison leads to new interpretation of Foucault’s conception. “…” is thought’s estrangement from itself that is necessary premise of cognition and self-knowledge.

Gerasimenko I.A.
Philosophical text and its form: metamorphoses of logosou.
Approaching philosophical texts needs both an analysis of the logical structure and features that depend on the natural language. That’s why along with the concept of logical form some peculiarities of the other kind of form – morphe, should be also taken into account. Then keeping in mind both kinds of form, we can obtain more complete and exact vision of the philosophical texts that are difficult for analysis an account of their ambiguity.

Gorban A.V.
Philosophy of education is in Postindustrial society.
In this article the question of determination of philosophical paradigm of modern education actualization in his post-non-classical forms as bases of socioculturale modernization of Postindustrial society. In particular the modern situation of post- non- classical paradigm of education, which from one side, is exposed to the analysis proceeds in classic approach to systems knowledges and from other – unites him with on principle new world views tendencies which reflect both principles of new non-classical scientific paradigm and in social modus of modern humanity.

Gorlova L.A.
Meta-physics implementation of desires.
Meta-physics of desire in historical and philosophical tradition is examined in the given article.

Danilyuk A.L.
Globalization as is high-quality a new form of international aggression.
The article is devoted to the globalization policy which to the author’s mind has been a qualitatively form of international aggression imposed finance and oligarch clans of the USA to the whole world.

Dunaeva I.V.
Espace/etendu, duree/simulis: hermenelistic experience spatial and time modality the text.
The etymological analysis of concepts duree/simulis shows a way understanding of an opportunity of positive plurality of A. Bergson.

Zinnurova L.I.
Morality in technologist civilization.
Attempt to show how the omnipotence of technical and processing methods in a technogenical civilization deforms morals and promotes their washing away from various spheres of human activity is made in the article.

Kobachevskaya K.V.
Peculiarity of political development of the world in XX the century.
In given article the mechanism of “swing” as bases of development of social and political systems in the form of a wave is considered, introduction of this concept in social-philosophical discourse proves. The opportunity of use of this mechanism as way of achievement is investigated by system of dynamic stability and forecasting of its development.

Kokorina E.G.
Transitional and critical periods in the life of society and person in the different areas of human studies.
The article is devoted to the comparison and analysis of the transitional period researches in the different areas of human studies. The aim of the article is to find out the common peculiarities in the life of society and person.

Kolokol V.A.
About some aspects of “feudal revival”.
The article indicates on some features in development of modern society in the conditions of globalization, shows typical likeness between status of the state today and in early stages of its history development.

Lykhina Yu.V.
The phenomenon of education is in informative society.
In this article the problem of status of educational process is examined on the modern stage of becoming of new public reality, having the special society cultural orientation. The modern society as society of prevailing of information technologies and new socio-economic and spiritually-cultural reality, getting the name of informative society is analyzed.

Martynov D.E.
Problem of the future civilization in the works of the Chinese thinkers in the early XX cent. (On an example by Liu Reng-hang doctrine).
The research for the reasons of decline Chinese Confucian civilization in the beginning of XX century led to search of alternative to ways of development. All offered doctrines were made out as the utopian projects considering global prospects of mankind in an eschatological key. Liu Reng-hang (1885 - ?) theory has value that the given thinker tried to detour for a problem of the West-Chinese synthesis.

Masaev M.V.
Simvolics capital as category of philosophy of history.
This article deals with the symbolic capital in the light of the conception of paradigmal images and symbols of epochs, civilizations and peoples. The author comes to the conclusion  that like any other one the symbolic capital gives a power to his holder – the symbolic power, the power of symbols, informal, but insuperable power over the people’s minds.

Mikitinets O.I.
Rolan Bart: textual intelligent of space.
The article deals with the R. Bart’s textual analysis particularly space and time of a text.

Mitina I.V.
Profession as a Kind of Human Activity: the System of Demands.
The paper explores the appearance of profession as special human activity, conditions and ways its existence and regulation. These conditions and ways determinated as society as professional groups is marked by author as professional demands. The conception of presence of terminal, instrumental and role professional demands is offered in this paper.

Mogdaleva I.V.
Marginality in Modern Russian and Ukrainian Philosophy.
This article considers a marginal problem in modern society. An author analysis cpnceptions of modern Russian and Ukrainian investigations of this problem.

Nechiporenko A.Yu.
“Fashion as a factor of sociocultural transformation”.
The questions of fashion influence into sociocultural sphere are pointed out in this article. Author concideres three aspects of cultural transformations: time, marketing and simulation. In the first place it was said about fashion as a factor of the speeding up of lifetime. In the second place phenomen of fashion was discussed in the context of consumer society. And the last part of the article is devoted to fashion as one of the ways of constructing reality.

Perekhod S.O.
Notion about Transcendental and Immanent Worlds in the Works of Russian Religious philosophers.
The article presents the analysis of the notions of transcendental and immanent worlds in Russian philosophic school (19 – 20 centuries).

Ryskeldieva L.T.
Philosophcal liberalism and Practical Philosophy.
The article deals with the specifics of philosophical liberalism within the contex of practical philosophy.

Sedenko B.V.
Dialogue of cultures: essay of O. Spengler reading in native humanity investigations.
This article talks about the critic O. Spengler’s isolationism theory. It is encored the beginning for the development the native humanity science which informed mains statements of “dialogue of cultures” concept.

Skachkov A.S.
Autotrophness of humanity as a social-philosophical problem.
In the article is examined autotrophness of humanity determined as it is a new system noosphere quality regulative beginning of authentic humaneness of societies and personalities.

Sukhodub T.D.
V.V. Zenkovsky as a critic of contemporary culture and civilization.
The author uncovers a little known part of V.V. Zenkovsky works – the ideas of the social philosophy perspectives of liberal world outlook and contemporary civilization.

Titarenko S.A.
New subject field of philosophizing of N. Berdyaev.
The article deals with such a new subject of philosophizing as Theology of Culture that was elaborated by N. Berdyaev.

Uzunova L.V.
Cultural universly in ceremonial-festival tradition.
In the article an author represents nine basic structural components of ceremonial-festival tradition of people of a different religion as bases of world cultural universaly.

Frolova K.V.
Social-cultural priorities of globalization and informational technology in the modern societies.
This article is dedicated to the phenomenon of globalization and its influence on the social-cultural space. The author gives the analysis of the special status of transitive societies especially Belarus in the mo0dern conditions.

Tsvetkov A.P.
Sense of life as destiny.
In the article sense of life of man is examined in his attitude toward Eternal, Absolute, Transcendent. In this context sense of life is interpreted as a common to all mankind calling and destiny.

Chudomekh V.M.
The Models of Being Humankind and Futurity of Being Humankind: connections objective and connections subjective.
It is founded the necessity of “new model Being Humankind” and: the ways of its theoretical creation and the problems of its theoretical creation are looked.

Yatsik I.S.
Significance of the notion “existential” in research of philosophers-existentialists of XX century.
The research is determined by the necessity to study and generalize existential as a phenomenon closely connected with philosophical terminology. A particular emphasis is given to the notion “existential” and its major features.

Bliznyuk A.Ya.
TV-space relation how interaction.
The concept of communication has been analyzed in this report in order  to clear out multipurposeness of its introduction into contexts for comparative analysis with uniordeal idea of communication in order to demonstrate its dissimilarity but constant “contiguity everywhere” (Kagan’s term) in the course of television man functions accomplishment. Also the possibility of personal communication of teleman and mass audience is traced through. The data having been obtained are supposed to be included into the foundation of professional training model.

Buyashenko V.V.
Social work as a special mechanism of conventional communication of civil society.
Social work as mechanism of achievement of harmonization of civil society is examined in the article as she is the original crossing of psychological, domestic, economic legal aspects of vital functions of man.

Eremenko A.
Negative and positive aspect of social conflicts.
Interconnection of social tenderness and periods of cultural flourishing in the history of different societies is considered. It is shown that the high level of conflictology leads to the realization of creative social potential.

Kemalova L.I.
Marginal personality in search of a civic concord.
Annotation: the article deals with the specific characteristics of the consciousness and behavior of the marginal type of personality in the transforming society. An emphasis is laid on the positive sides of this personality type: being unable to take a firm position in any fragment of the social structure of the society the marginal can experience the surrounding world in a new way actively looking for the optimal ways of the development of the civic concord society.

Kuzmin M.M.
Regional to the identity: rational political action or “regional racism”.
The article by concern to the analysis role of regional identity in modern political processes and two variants of its constructing are – considering-political and social-anthropological.

Kumkin I.A.
Civil consent as claim on the basic ideology intermediate stage society.
The article considers the civil consent as claim on the basic ideology intermediate stage society. And the article considers the basic description of the civil consent.

Nikolko M.V.
Solidarity Studies: Social Capital measuring in the conditions of political instability.
Report has a methodological character, a purpose is a ground of model of measuring of social capital at research of collective action, tasks are: determination of terms of Social Solidarity, clarification of concepts of Social Capital, the Social Capital theory applies to practice. The applied task of research consists of forming of techniques of analysis of efficiency of work of small groups. The presented material was approved on generalized these interviews of members of initiative groups of citizens of social sector of Crimea, realizing projects jointly with local authorities and international organizations. The got model of analysis of verbal texts uses as a base level the theory of Social Capital in interpretation of J. Coleman, and as the applied technique is T. van Dijk’s Discours-analysis.

Parunova Yu.D.
The civil agreement agents of the modern Ukrainian society.
The article contains the possible ways of the implementation of the idea of the civil agreement in the modern Ukrainian society through the activity of the personality socialization agents.

Porokhovskaya T.I.
Justice as factor of social stability.
The context of justice idea is observed in the article. Justice is as purpose and as kind of institutional order, main problems of the studies of justice by Aristotle and J. Rawls. Aristotle’s studies of justice is pragmatic for political philosophy as a whole. But the concept of justice by J. Rawls is the most influential among contemporary theories of justice. It may serve as basis and as a source of ideas for creation concept of justice adopted for Russia. Discussion about that is only beginning.

Romanenko S.S.
About civic consciousness civil society.
The article deals with the human measuring nature of civic society through its genesis, function and characteristic features reflexed. The author analyses and demonstrates how different forms of civic consciousness can display themselves in modern society and suggests the ways of the development of civic consciousness.

Svirid A.
Priorities in the evolution of modern analytic philosophy of law.
The article is devoted to the theoretical analysis of one of the form of the evolution of analytics paradigm: philosophy of law as one of the priority directions of modern socio-humanitarian knowledge. It is also demonstrate its methodological principles and allows to examination the perspectives of analytic philosophy of law in the field of interdisciplinary researches.

Starodub A.O.
The political aspects of religion.
The article defines the political aspects of religion. The development, functions and influence of a church and a state are compared.

Chudina N.
The form manifestation of extremality in the civilian society.
The article considers the civilian society and the probably form manifestation of extremality in him.

Shevchenko O.K.
The European at the crossroads.
In the article preconditions, conditions and factors of crisis of a modern paradigm of authority in the Western Europe are studied.

Shatenko S.A., Ponomaryov A.S.
Civil consent as factor of successful completion of socium tranzituvity.
The phenomenon of transitivity in the post-socialist states is complicated social crises. Their overcoming and completion of transformation requires a civil consent. For his achievement an uniting national idea, consolidation of elite, humanizing of education and culture, is needed.

Yashchuk T.I.
Transformation of historical consciousness as the factor of achievement of the civil consent in post-soviet to Ukraine.
The analysis of a status of historical consciousness in post-soviet to Ukraine finds out a wide spectrum of positions. The rigid opposition of separate groups, confusion and Value uncertainty “of the silent majority” when speech goes about the sharpest and ambiguous situations of the past, the “wars of historical memories” testify to presence original. Overcoming confrontation in ratings of the past – condition of formation of a uniform modern Ukrainian nation.

Arkhangelskaya A.S.
The diversity of basic values and the standardization of meanings.
In this paper the author tries to give a brief comparison of moral values and partially a description of aesthetic peculiarities of world religions.

Zherdeva A.M.
Judgement of concept “sacral” in a modern philosophical discourse.
The history of studying of concept “sacral” is described. The basic approaches of judgement sacral – phenomenological, ontologic, value approach are allocated.

Krasynskaya I.S.
About the (post) modern person system of values.
The opportunity of consideration social and cultural transformations as modification of personal sample of an epoch is offered and proved. It is declared that the hacker as the personal sample of a postindustrial epoch is adequate model of the (post) modern person system of values.

Semikolenov V.M.
Absolute and relativity of moral in the context of humanism values.
Influence of humanism ideals and values on a moral is analyzed in the article. Attention on the remote consequences of legitimation of certain moral norms applies.

Turchyn M.E.
Social-Moral Nature of Shame.
In the article Shame as a social-moral phenomenon and a form of moral self-esteem has been analyzed. The subjective and objective aspects of the feeling have been compared.

Dmitrieva M.S., Alekseev S.A., Filatova A.N.
About limit of abstracting in meta-science.
In a lecture is examined in linguistic space of science of theoretical abstractions and achievement by them the scopes of applicability. Lighted situation up of extrapolation of method of practical psychology with to the study of the real conduct of economic subjects and use of this method in laboratory terms as a mean of empiric analysis.

Opolev V.T.
Methodological reflection in structure of specialized thinking.
In this article the methodological reflection is examined as the appointed kind knowledge. In it the regulative basis of the professional thinking are objectivized. There is short specification of five fundamental forms of the methodological here. This are intuition, personification, standards, rules and conceptual systems. The problem of the interaction between these forms are also examined in this article.

Tikhomirova F.A.
Integration of scientific knowledge in modern chemistry.
In the article the analysis of science integration and differentiation processes is defined. A.I. Uymov school offered the original modern system-parametric methodology of investigation integration and differentiation of science. Is researched the influence of the mathematics ideas on the development of modern chemistry.

Shipunova O.D.
Scientific World-view as the Systematization Principle for Science History and Philosophy.
Description of modern science world-view ideas often presents some terminological difficulties. These difficulties can be easily obviated by means of consecutive expounding of scientific world-view evolution, beginning from the pre-history of science. This approach makes it possible to see close relationship between development processes for scientific and philosophical thought.

Uemov A.I.
Some questions of development of modern logic (Stand lecture).
The successes of the Logic in XX century are connected mainly with the mathematical methods. However the propositional calculus on the base of which the all mathematical Logic is founded, has the essential drawbacks so called the paradoxes of the implication. Those drawbacks become the obstacles for the development of the Logic as of science of the laws of the correct thinking. The radical way out from this situation is the transition of the Logic to post-mathematical stage of its development. The possibility of that transition on the example of the Language of the Ternary Description is shown.

Nikolko V.N.
“Conception of Widened Subject of Logic”
It is systematized in the article the conception of subject of logic which is proposed for philosophy faculty in V.I. Vernadsky TNU.

Levin V.I.
What is logic?
The author touches upon the question on ion of modern definition of logic as a science.

Bystrov P.I.
Reflections on the status of logic in modern science.
In this paper the question on approach to definition of subject of logic is considered. The peculiarities of modern logic, as certain science, and its role in system of modern scientific knowledge are also discussed.

Pavlenko S.V.
Forming of certainty as a subject of logic (Hegel version).
The article provides an analysis of the categories of certainty and uncertainty in the submissions G. Hegel on the subject of logic. Dinamism and the hierarchy of categories is a key concept in understanding the formation of certainty from Hegel.

Uemov A.I.
Analysis of logical analogy of relations within the framework of language of ternarnogo description.
In most logical researches only one type of analogy was analyzed, namely that was called “paradeigma” by Aristotle. My analysis of the usage of analogy in science made it possible to distinguish 51 types of analogical inferences which were described in the frame of predicate calculus. In the present article the structure and conditions of credibility of so called “logical analogy of relations” are analyzed using the symbolism of the Ternary Description Language.

Leonenko L.L.
Analogy and authenticity.
I consider some examples of analogical inferences which conclusions can be soundly estimated as “practically” trustworthy, in spite of the impossibility of pure mathematical substantiation for this trustworthiness. The necessary and sufficient conditions that can provide such “practical trustworthiness” are discussed.

Terenteva L.N.
Taking of figures of syllogism: sistemno-parametrichesky aspect.
The reduction of the syllogistic figures is studied in the frame of the parametric theory of systems. Because of the maximum of the simplicity and integrity has the first figure the reduction figures to it is the operation of simplification and the augmentation of integrity of the syllogistic reasoning. The reduction of the syllogistic figures is the transformation of the “inner” relation of the imperfect syllogism to the perfect one.

Titov V.D.
Some Empirical Considerations Concerning Place of the Modern Logic and its Delivering to the Students of Humanities.
This talk presents empirical and pragmatical approach to assessment of the place of logic within system of sciences and education.

Levin V.I.
Continuous logic, history, theory, application.
The main problems on continuous logic are considered: definitions, properties, difference from discrete logic. The history and applications are affected.

Korotchenko Yu.M.
“Some Applied Aspects of Logic (within the context of value propositions)”.
Logical and semantic foundations of the propositions with social and political content are revealed in the article. The author claims that it is value component of such propositions that leads to conflict between the subjects of their interpretation. It is shown that elimination of this conflict is possible on the base of removal of the value and interpretation of social and political propositions on the sphere of real denotates.

Yurkevych O.M.
At the beginning of hermeneutical logic (Aristotle “About interpretation”).
Analyzing the correlative of ontological and logical aspects of views theory. To hermeneutical logic adding the significance of morphology of logical forms.

Nevelskaya-Gordeeva E.P.
The Logic of Normative Sphere.
The article deals with the logic of Normative Sphere.

Ponomaryev O.S., Pazinich S.M.
Actual problems of modern application logic.
The article deals with the possibility of increasing the sphere of logical investigations.

Saracheva A.S.
Processes of differentiation and integration as tasks on maximum definable.
In article is considered one of the types to analytical definability of the phenomenas – limiting definability. It is offered short feature of the differentiation and integration in context of limiting definability.