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Vol. 21 (60), № 2. 2008
Philosophy. Culturology. Political sciences. Sociology


Lazarev F.V.
The comparative analysis of philosophical both natural-science discourses and their interrelation.
In presented article the analysis of specificity and a parity of natural-science and philosophical discourses is spent. The author emphasizes that both philosophical and natural-science thinking are two aspects of uniform process of spiritual development of the world the person.

Nikolko V.N.
Natural language from logician’s point of view.
In the article the logical representation of modem natural language is proposed as the ground for understanding of the essence of language.

Ilyanovich K.B.
Virtualization of human in context of progress of technologies.
The article is devoted to the analysis of influence of technologies of modem civilization on a human. Contradiction of technological progress is underlined giving humanity the new degrees of freedom, it is instrumental in appearance of new risks.

Kreminsky A.I.
Modern Society and Noosphere Future Before the Technogenec Civilization Challenge.
Social and Anthropological factors of the increasing ecological crisis are analyzed in the article. One works out conceptual ideas concerning the formation of outlook basics of noospheric approach to the solution of global problems which are challenging the humankind of the XXI century.

Abrashkevichus G.A.
Sociocultural development eyhnocultural and universal aspect.
Sociocultural development and searching forms for cooperation with other cultures are considered in the article. The correlation of ethnocultural and common to all mankind aspects in working out universal values is examined. Culture is determined as a theoretical method of comprehensing world view problems able to conduct a world view dialogue.

Andreev V.M.
Problem of a continuum “space-time”.
In the article the problem “space-time” emerges and its sanction is offered on the basis of an authoring universal dialectic method of knowledge “Indispensable inconsistencies”

Balabanova G.P.
Economics of the globalized world: social-philosophical aspects.
In given clause the interrelation of economics, politics and culture in conditions of the globalized world is investigated. The author analyzes various aspects of process of globalization from positions of social philosophy.

Voevodin A.P.
Methodological problems of research of human freedom.
The article is devoted to research of a problem of freedom of the person in methodological aspect. Authors emphasizes that human freedom is not reduced to the uniform basis and should be considered as a complete phenomenon.

Emelyanova Yu.P.
Theoretical and methodological approaches to the issue of SCS formation and functioning as the main factors of region establishment.
In the article author analyzes theoretical prospects of modern humanitarian knowledge in social-cultural system of medium level.

Erzaulova A.G.
Crisis of modern culture.
In given article it is a question of crisis of modern culture, destruction of traditional values, moral and world outlook bases on change which the nihilism aesthetics is offered.

Zinnurova L.I.
Portrait homo novus or homo mirabilis in a technogenic interior.
In the article on the basis of the analysis of anthropological ideas of the XX-th century validity of the characteristic of person as “new” or surprising (homo mirabilis) is traced. The author underlines that being in critical conditions of a technogenic civilization the humanity varies on eyes. The treatment of the person as homo mirabilis can promote opening of new level in human nature studying and to understanding of a modern way of the statement of humanity.

Ivanova I.S.
Overcoming of alienation of workers in modern economic structures.
The article analyses the problems of overcoming of the phenomenon “alienation”. The existent tendencies of harmonization of subject-subject relations are shown in modern economic sphere.

Kononenko T.V.
Peculiarities of Vyzantine Mentality.
This work concerns the analysis of Vyzantine civilization. Vizantinship as a certain mentality of lifestyle. This is specific character of the eastern Christianity, cognition of the world, pure love to all existing things, sacralization of life.

Mayanskaya T.V.
Education in the modern world: purpose searches.
In article educational strategy in a cultural-historical context is analyzed. Education is considered as process of manufacture human in the person. The author proves also necessity of transformation of modern education.

Mirishnikov O.A.
Tradition and innovation in post-October transformation of Rassia.
In offered article the interrelation of traditions and innovations in becoming a totalitarian mode in the USSR is analyzed.

Mormul O.G.
Culture on a boundary of millennia.
Views of scientists in culture investigation between XX-XXI century are analyzed in this article. Some specific features of cultural development are singled out. The ways of development of culture in the context of up-to date global problems are depicted.

Muza D.E.
The problem of chronotop of East Christian civilizational in the light of its historical dynamics.
The article is devoted to comprehension of the problem of chronotop of East Christian civilization which has difficult configuration of spatial and temporary semantics with dominant of temporary one.

Potapenkov V.I.
Vernadsky as the historian of a science.
In article creative evolution of outstanding scientist V.I. Vernadsky is analyzed. The author describes achievements of the researcher and the philosopher from the point of view of their importance for modern epoch.

Syropyatov O.G., Yanovsky S.S.
“Clinical anthropology” – a new paradigm in medicine.
Methodological reasons of crisis of modern medicine and psychiatry are examined in the article. It is suggested to use the structural ideas of philosophical anthropology and effective clinical practice which includes NLP, Erikson’s hypnosis and informative therapy. New concepts are used: “clinical anthropology” and “anthropogenic psychical disorders”. The further study of problems of modern medicine is offered on the basis of idea of clinical anthropology.

Timchenko A.P.
Subjectiveness, irrationalism and metaphysicness as features of philosophy of Nikolay Berdyaev.
Subjectiveness, irrationalism and metaphysicness of Berdyaev’s philosophy as peculiarities of his philosophic “style” are analyzed in the article.

Khrienko T.V.
Determination of outlook of Crimean students (the experience of sociological analysis).
In the article data of sociological researches among young people of Crimea concerning economic, political and cultural development of the region are proved and presented.

Vergun O.S.
Problem of self-actualization of the person.
Given article is devoted to research of a problematic of self-actualization of the person in philosophic-anthropological and historic-philosophical aspects.

Zaytsev K.A.
The theological point of view on the secularization in model of H. Cox.
The article is devoted to the analysis of a phenomenon secularization from the theological point of view. Parallels between bible tradition and secularization are carried out(spent) criteria of functioning of church and life of Christians in the modem world are defined(determined).

Kochan V.M.
Essence of border in classical philosophy.
In the article are examined approaches to the analysis of category of border in philosophy of antiquity (Pythagorean school, Aristotle) and German classic philosophy (Kant, Fichte, Hegel), understanding of role and value of category border in the ontological and gnosiological philosophical systems and conclusion is drawn about possibility of its application in research of social and cultural reality.

Saracheva A.S.
Definability of function in modern mathematician (on example of limiting definability).
The article deals with one of analytical types of definability of environmental phenomena, - limiting definability. The author suggests the characterization of approximate processes in termination of this concept and description of interaction of limited definability with concepts: ability to express and to present.

Trofimov A.A.
Still time about essence of intelligency.
In article the phenomenon of “intelligency” is considered, through criticism of two approaches of the Soviet and Russian authors which continue struggle for interpretation and use of the given concept.

Medvedeva G.O.
Crisis of the traditional paradigm in modern education.
The article is devoted to the role of education as the global resource and necessary condition of sustainable development of mankind. A list of features shows a system’s crises of classical (traditional) model of education. The reasons of crises and the necessity of a new model of education are analyzed.

Polulyakh Yu.Yu.
Semiotics of forms of aesthetic sign.
In the article is examined semiotics morphology of aesthetic sign from point of diachronia of semiotics. Is work is offered typology of forms of aesthetic sign from a thing to the trans-aesthetic sign.