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Vol. 22 (61), № 1. 2009
Philosophy. Sociology

Lazarev F.V.
New look on philosophy of the XXI century
The article is devoted to research of specific of modern philosophical discourse. An author underlines that it is more credible that philosophy of the XXI century in the conditions of anthropological crisis will appeal to the human. No attempts to change a world will become the purpose of philosophical projects, as it took place before, but aspirations to save it.

Kreminsky A.I.
New anthropology from the noosphere science aspect
The article contains conceptual basics of new prospectives of modern philosophical anthropology in the context of the noosphere development. One gives the description and analysis of the possibilities of human existance in the context of the approaching technogenic catastrophe. The specifics of new noosphere and anthropological paradigm on the basic of the conception of human life multi-dimension is defined.

Bekirova L.S.
About the regulative role of traditions in ethno culture
The role of traditions in saving of ethnos and it's original culture is analyzed in the article. An author underlines that a question about the survival of nations is the main question of modern epoch. In similar terms national association must produce strategy wich would hinder the destruction of millennial experience of ceremonies and traditions.

Ilyanovich K.B.
Fundamental values of technogenic civilization's development
The article is devoted to the analysis of specificity of system of values which was folded during a few centuries of social and cultural technogenic civilization's development. It is emphasized, that in present time the mankind experiences the crisis of values which is one of aspects of anthropological.

Abrashkevichus G.A.
Informative society and ethnoculture
The intercommunication in the development of informative society and the formation processes of global culture and ethnoculture is given in the article. Positive influence of new informatively-technical terms on adaptation of ethnocultures in the conditions of globalization is marked.

Goroshko O. I.
Peculiarities of Gender Stereotyping in the Net
The article enlightens the gender stereotyping issues on the Net. The research through e-learning shows that typical gender stereotypes about male and female virtual images differ greatly from the Ukrainian students’ images of femininity and masculinity on the web. Both males and females on the Net are perceived as active, positive-rendered, and pragmatic-orientated actors. First of all the Net is used both for males and females as a tool for communication and socialization and they use the Internet to seek all needed information about learning, career and job. Additionally namely females use the Net primarily for communication. Thus the research reveals that male and female virtual images differ and this differentiation is not colored the same for males and females. Men render Internet activities more negatively than women. Also one can argue about a high speed of stereotypes' changes on the Net and a big clash between naïve and societal consciousness initiated also on the web and by the web.

Erzaulova A.G.
Тhe development of eastern and western culture for example music system.
In the article is examined independent sovereign position of spiritual vocal art. Opposite to other eastern music singing diving service has a sacral character. This idea unites the spiritual human experience with intonation melodic shaping.

Kulyk V.V.
Cultural landscapes of Crimea and interval methodology of F.V. Lazarev. Their role in practice of cultural tourism
The analysis and description of cultural tourism is given in this article. Determining is marked the value of cultural landscape and F.V. Lazarev's interval methodology in the decision of polyethnic problems of culture of Crimea.

Mikitinets A.Yu.
About the methodological value of metaantropology in modern philosophical discourse
The article is devoted to discussing of methodological value of metaantropology in the context of variety of modern philosophical conceptions of human. It is assumed, that saving of integrity of human and search of anthropological «prospects» are its major aspects.

Muza D.E.
The total man as a nearest aim of the eastchristianity civilization design
The article is devoted to problem of total man as an aiming program of the eastern Christianity civilization. The author has analyzed different approach in understanding of this anthropological totality.

Potapenkov A.V.
Philosophy and literature (on the example of history of Russian public thought)
The mutual influencing of philosophy and literature in the context of development of Russian public thought is analysed in the article. Conclusion that Russian classic literature was folded on a fundamental philosophical basis is drawn.