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Vol. 22 (61), № 1. 2009
Philosophy. Culturology. Political sciences. Sociology

Zarapin O.V.
Philosophical thought evidence: language and existence

This article researches a problem of thought in the existence and language meanings. It is analyzed such type of thought and language relation (philosophical text), due to which the meaning of thought metaphysical existence is not lost.

Nikolko V.N.
World from logician’s point of view: the Plato’s version
Logic pattern of world is reconstructed according to Plato. According to this pattern any phenomenon (concrete and special) can be reflected in notion. We also can realize its essence by means of question-answer scheme and define it in genus and species way.

Ryskeldiyeva L.T.
The Art of doing good: foundations of Kantian morals aesthetics
In the present article aesthetic, contemplative basics of Kantian study of virtue are analyzed: 1) active side of virtue implies the ability of contemplating and analyzing your personal character; 2) ethics implies the ability to express clearly the results of metaphysical experience of an individual; 3) study of morals requires creative, author’s approach.

Timochin A.M.
Moral capacity of state: understanding of good in the etatistic perspective
The preconditions of dissolution of ethics in the politics, submission of virtues to holding customs and laws putting in the antique classics are considered in the article. Affirms, comprehension by western civilization of state as the primary moral actor and necessity of this primacy criticism in the context of modern liberalism.

Shorkin A.D.

Features of modern scientific and parascientific knowledge constellation

The comparative analysis of scientific and parascientific knowledge in a context of modern culture is examined in article. Their distinction is formulated according to maxims of scientific knowledge. The author makes conclusion on the importance of differentiation of science and parascience in the noospheres studies.

Berestovskaya D.S.

Holy and Ordinary in the Renaissance Culture

The article is dedicated to the analysis of holy and ordinary in the Renaissance culture. The essence and the artistic value of the works of art of this epoch have been considered. There has been done a conclusion about the declaration of the human life selfvalue that became a characteristic particularity of the Renaissance worldview.

Bogachov А.L.
Gadamer’s Hermeneutics and Ukrainian culture
The author briefly describes Gadamer’s philosophical way of life and explores his philosophical principles. The special attention is devoted to the relationship of Heidegger’s and Gadamer’s views. The paper discusses the translations of Gadamer’s texts into Ukrainian.

Temnenko G.M.
Fetish as a proto-sign, proto-myth and protosymbol
The article proposes the sign characteristic of a fetish as a phenomenon in which the denotation and the sign is not separated, but instead there is a sense of importance of the object.

Shevchuk V.G.
Synthesis of Arts in the Bogaevskiy’s Creative Activity as the Manifestation of the Regularities of the Artistic Culture of the First Third of the XX Century
The article is dedicated to the synthesis of arts based on the interaction of the spacial and temporal art systems. The author turns her attention to the analyses of this phenomenon in the creative activity of Bogaevskiy as to the manifestation of the regularities of the artistic culture of the first third of the XX century.

Irhin A.A.

In the article the postsoviet space: geopolitical parameters and methodology of modeling of international processes

There are geopolitical parameters of the post-soviet space and methodology of modeling integration and disintegration process are researching.

Sokolov V.N.,

Shagli V.A. Policy, a moral and political responsibility

The problem of intercommunication and interdependence of such concepts, as moral, policy, political responsibility is examined in the article.

Goroshko O.I.

Information-communication Society: Emergence and Perspective Development
The paper enlightens the basing of information-communication society as a next step of information society development. It shows if the communication starts generating new social meanings the paradigmatic shift occurs. This shift results a new societal formation, namely the information-communication society. The social space of the internet-communications presents one of these societal varieties. The paper also analyzes the perspective development of this society.

Medvedeva A.А.

Some results of sociological analysis of crisis in education of Ukraine
The article summarizes main results of experimental research of crisis in compulsory secondary education of Ukraine.

Somov M.V.

The system-structural approach of research of political communications
The article is devoted to the actual problems of the study of political communication in the AR Crimea. There is used system-structure method of analyzes. The research of the political communication is analyzed on the institutional, technological, substantional and modernization levels.