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Vol. 22 (61), № 2. 2009
Philosophy. Culturology. Political sciences. Sociology

Shorkin A.D.
Features of modern scientific and parascientific knowledge constellation
The comparative analysis of scientific and parascientific knowledge in a context of modern culture is examined in article. Their distinction is formulated according to maxims of scientific knowledge. The author makes conclusion on the importance of differentiation of science and parascience using universality and fundamentality critarions.

Korotchenko U.M.
On evaluative specifics of folse messages
It is researched in the article the specifics of fraud as evaluative species of false messages. Multilevel structure of communication based on false evaluative messages is explicated.

Ryskeldieva L.T.

The Foundation of buddhist “dharma’ Metaphisics”
This article is the interpretation of buddhist philosophy’ meaning and its main historical periods of evolution. The concept of “Dharma’ metaphisics” is used. It clarifies the foundation of practical philosophy in Buddhist tradition.

Timochin O.M.

The Liberal interpretation of humanism idea in the legal doctrine
The historical and conceptual foundation of legal humanism are considered in the article. The close connection of legal humanism with the Kantian liberal concept of the low is shown. Principle of humanity is examined as condition to elimination of legal consciousness bent forms: legal cynicism and sentimentalism.

Tsvetkov A.P.

Superman as polymorphicobject of meta-anthropology
In the article a thesis is grounded that consideration of the phenomenon of superman as a polymorphic structure specifies and urgent important metaphysical intension, namely, meta-anthropology.

Buriak V.V.
Consumerism in the marketing space of global transformations

In represented work researched the phenomenon of consumerism in the context of promotion of global marketing strategies. There also described the structural, historical, socioeconomic and psychological characteristics of a modern consumer society. There researched questions related to the transformations of economic and social strategies, which substantiate consumerist practice. Particularized cultural, anthropological and institutional aspects of consumption in the era of global transformation.

Goncharenko E.V.
Everyday life in philosophic and art anthropology
The article is concerned with everyday life as a fundamental philosopho-aesthetic category. By an example of postmodern writer Douglas Coupland’s creative writing literary devices which reveal the main worldview key points of modern personality are revealed.

Ivanova K.A.
Cultural science: from culture of "existing" to culture of "becoming"
The features of going near a culture, in accordance with which it is examined as a continuously changing system, are probed. Fixed circumstance that for western science, description of the initial and eventual state of the system always was characteristic – whether speech goes about natural or humanitarian disciplines. Possibilities of application of the synergetic going are analyzed near the study of culture as a constantly changing system.

Kuzmin P.V.
Political neqotiations as a technoloqy of political activity
In the article reweals the role and technoloqical aspects of political neqotiations, analires the neqotiation process in modern ukranian politic sphere.

Lysenko I.
Power and the political at the civil society researches
Political science interpretation of concepts «social», «political», «civil society» is given; the sociopolitical elements of civil society are exposed; theoretical methodologically principles of application of integral sociological approach are certain in researches of civil society in Ukraine; the levels of research of civil society are found out in the article.

Stavitskiy A.V.
Ukrainian political “elite” in the context of globalization
In the article analyzed the problem of forming and the basic principles of politics of Ukrainian political “elite” in globalization processes.

Kebuladze V.S.

The concept of the social action’ subjective meaning in A. Schuetz’ phenomenological sociology
This article gives the A. Shuetz’ phenomenological sociology’ answer a question concerning characteristics and meaning of a social action. Primary meanings of social reality come out at the very moment of real “making action”. The connection between the meaning and intrinsic temporal experience of consciousness is discovered.

Dorofeiy O.O.

Gender stereotypes in antiquity
In the article the features of ancient world view are investigational in regard to chaffs. Stereotype of Gender, formed in this period, are exposed, which influenced on development of Gender world view of society in the subsequent epochs of development of human idea.