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Vol. 24 (63) № 2. 2011
Philosophy. Culturology. Political sciences. Sociology

Arkhangelskaya A.S.
Is there a future for syncretism? (to the style of thinking question)
The author gives us short version of conception learning and vaiue steps for noting fruitfulness role - as  style of thinking.

Bevzyuk N.
Religious and ecclesiastic foundations of the Reformation
The article deals with religions, political, social and ecclesiastic-historical reasons of the Reformation springing up. Luther’s historical-philosophical views and their influence on the most prominent theologians of the time are studied. There has been justified the connection of the Reformation with the  further development of both the protestant thought and the whole German philosophy as the logical consequence of the Reformation.

Volkov A.
From transcendental to existential pragmatics
In the article possibility of existential  pragmatics is grounded, namely its pre-conditions. Its community, and also distinction, is probed with transcendental pragmatics. The necessity of subject of discourse is grounded, and varieties are selected.

Garmash L.
Communicative strategy in the postmodernist text (On a material of the novel of V.Pelevin «Chapaev and Emptiness»)
The article is devoted to analysis of basic communicative strategies of the postmodernist text. Pelevin’s novel  Chapaev and Emptiness was used as material for research. Two levels of communication have been studied (between characters and between an author and a reader). 

Zavyetny S.A., Ponomaryov O.S., Pazynich S.N.
Human intercourse as object of philosophical  reflection
Essence of the phenomenon of intercourse is considered in his intercommunication with nature and essence of man. The changes of aims and character are shown intercourses, conditioned realities of contemporaneity. The necessity of philosophical reflection is grounded above intercourse as condition of search of ways of renewal of his role and place in the system of vital values of man.

Kozyrev D.N.
Being. Time.
The author offers his version on the metaphysical foundation of the theory of a well--known
astrophysicist N.A. Kozyrev about the time as the source of the energy of stars.

Kononova O.V.
Overcoming of interpersonal loneliness in idea of unity of all real
The article is devoted to the potential possibility of overcoming of interpersonal loneliness in idea of unity of all real on the basis of conceptual positions of domestic religious philosophy. The loneliness is considered, first of all, as experience of own inferiority, absence androgyne integrity. Accordingly, its overcoming supposes spiritual perfection, sexual love and a unity with all world. 

Kukhar V.V.
Philosophy of  sphere: human being-society-nature
The given article presents the basis of the idea that today the development of the fact: human being-society-nature (space) is determined by a human being himself to a decisive degree.

Panteleyeva G. G.
Noospherical and anthropological as a ideas as a condition of integrity of  human
Ideas of the noosphere and ideological discussions are considered. It is shown that the anthropological  component becomes the ideological center where all the range of noospherology problems causing  forming of noosphere and integrity of a person is focusing.

Panteleyeva I.A.
Antique Theological Eloquence: Rhetorical Art or Service to Truth
In the article the attempt is made to analyze the feature of oratorical style of Christian preachers of the antique period, to show dependence of their style on rhetorical secular declamation practices, «service to Truth» is proved to be harmoniously combined with beauty of a vicarial word.

Poplavskaya S.V.
Wellness philosophy as hole man practical
The article is devoted to new direction to modern practical philosophy – wellness philosophy which is  the  synthesis of ancient east studies and western pragmatism in regard to application of these studies in  concrete life of man for finding of harmony and homoeostasis. 

Porokhovskaya T.
Etiquette and Morals in the Intercourse
This article reviews etiquette and morals as two ways of intercourse regulation, their value-normative contents ,  common and special,   the character of interaction.

Saphonova N. V.
Cultural Transformation: a tendency to probabilistic
It is suggested that pluralism and the new principles of science lead to the transformation of the world, specifically: a tendency to probabilistic thinking. The choice of the term "probabilistic thinking" is justified bond valued logics and probabilistic processes and acquires additional significance.

Chudomekh V.N.
Ethnoses, nationalities, folks and nations as spiritunited peoples communities
In article it is considered the “problem of natioforming” in the postsoviet and postcolonial states possible approaches for it`s arrangement. are suggested

Shelkovaya N.V.
Human Intercourse: Origin, Specifics, Prospects
The attempt to reveal the specifics and reasons of the degradation of human intercourse, as well as  possible prospects of its development, is undertaken in the present article. The main signs of the  authentic human intercourse, from the point of view of the author, are not the language and  understanding, but an absence of Ego-«shell» (egoism), that is, the feeling of organic unity with the  world, deep spiritual-heartfelt interpenetration, «the intercourse of souls» and «the language of eyes».

Blokha Y.E.
Analysis of V.G. Korolenko's core values of Western European society XVI-XIX  centuries (based on the views of M. Montaigne, D. Stuart Mill and J.-M. Guillot)
In the article based on analysis of Vladimir Galaktionovich Korolenko philosophical views of Michel  Montaigne, John Stuart Mill and Jean-Marie Guyot reviewed basic value orientations of the Western  Europe of XVI-XIX century in particular, its moral foundations and their role in the development of his  society.

Donskaya E. V.
Complicated artistic image as synthetic designate
In the paper, it is shown that structurally-semiotics approach allows to examine an image as synthetic  designate. It enables to pass to the abstract level of his analysis and to study the artistic synthesis,  generally speaking, regardless of nature of the characters engaged in the structure of image, be based  only on their semantics.

Kugusheva A.J. 
Manifestation of pantheism in the miniatures of the Franco-Flemish school  chasoslovov Jean de Berry
This article is devoted to forms of manifestation of pantheistic worldview on the example of late  medieval illuminated manuscripts.

Paterykina V.
Ukrainian literary studio situation of post-modern
Having left the change of modern paradigms into postmodern ones modern Ukrainian literature acquired  the features which are character to postmodern situation: genres confusion, parody, irony, deconstruction  of literatury works of Ukrainian prosaists of elapsed decade reflect exactly this period of social  development using the characteristic means of postmodern situation.

Suhina I.G.
About culturology contents and importance of the definition of value: preparing  introduction in axiology of the culture
In article by means of determination of the notion «value» opens and is analyses its culturogical contents  and importance, in accordance with than is motivated axiological understanding the culture and is  considered application domain and purpose axiology of the cultures.    

Sholomova T.V.
The reverse of the popular ideal: G.I. Uspensky as an ideologist of mass culture  (based on the example of G.I. Uspensky's “Strait” (“Vypriamila”))
G.I.Uspensky proclamed that the statue of “Venus de Milo” is an ideal of people’s morality. He took  Venus to represent a working peasant woman or a young woman devoted to revolution and while   looking at her he felt himself becoming “straight” in his soul. The subsequent story of “Venus de Milo”  popular image shows that rightly Uspensky guessed the people’s ideal, but he took it to represent not  what it actually represented thereafter.  In XXth century “Venus de Milo” became one of the most  popular brands of beauty.

Balinchenko S.
Peculiarities of Unity and Polarization Presentation in the Informational Space of  Independent Ukraine
The article is aimed at defining the peculiar features and the consequences of the stereotypes of unity  and polarization in the informational space of modern Ukraine. There have been analyzed the normative  acts having impact on the stereotypes, as well as the mechanisms of distribution of the social myths of  unity and polarization in the mass-media. As a peculiar problem, there stands out the language situation  in Ukraine.

Baranov V.E.
Personal being and personal communication
The aim of this article is discovering a characteristic features of personal communication, and   their differences unlike another types of communications.

Bezukladova L.V.
Provocative behavior in personality socio-cultural processes of technological  civilization 
The article deals with specifics of victimology as a distinct branch of knowledge about the deviant forms  of behavior of the individual in society on the one hand, and its capacity to the revival of spirituality - on  the other. The features of manifestations of victimization in the context of the socio-cultural processes of  modern civilization.

Belyaeva T. 
Current determinants of predictability of global social transformations
Social processes of this historic segment of transformations are characterized by instability, different  intensity and the results of changes. The article is devoted to a brief analysis of existing concepts of  social transformation in order to identify the basic determinants for the possibility of an adequate  predictive model of society characteristics, in the context of globalization. 

Volkovynskaya V.A.
Attribution error» as a type of distortion of the situation of human  communication
Disruptions of social communication are causes of pathological processes in modern society. One of the  most important and common types of distortion of communication at the everyday level is the  «attribution error».

Gorban A.
Intelligentsia as the subject of overcoming the crisis of anthropological (sociological  aspect) 
The paper in the format of the sociological and socio-philosophical discourse addresses the problem of the  phenomenon of intellectuals, which is understood as a specific resource modernization of society, his  spiritual mentor, an intellectual guide, intelligent minority with reference to search for ideas that would  form the basis of anthropological overcome the crisis and establishing civil consent. It is emphasized that  appeal to sociological and social and philosophical discourse for the study stated the problem involves  consideration of a broad palette of thinking about what the intellectuals, what is its potential and how  intellectuals feasibly solution to the problem in terms of transitive societies, where the historical challenges  are waiting for their worthy responses.

Gorbenko E.V.
The paradox of transformation and communication codes as a reflection of the  search for new meanings and values of contemporary society
The article deals with the paradoxical transformation of communication codes, which manifests itself in  the development process of communication in modern society in finding them new meanings and values.  There is the analysis of the effects of this development in the globalization of mass media  communications. Seem paradoxical transformation of communication codes, both in their impact on  society as a whole, and in the formation and development of the individual. 

Drozhzhyna S.V. 
Up-to-date dialogue between civic society and the state
The work outlines trends of collaboration between the state and civic community in modern Ukraine,  describes basic features and specific characteristics of the subjects of contemporary civic community in  Ukraine.

Kemalova L.I.
Ethnomentality under the conditions of sociocultural changes in the modern world
In this article the importance of ethnomentality under the conditions of transformational processes taking  place in modern society is analysed. Understanding of ethnic peculiarities of the folk, interest to culture  and values of other folks help to realize the equality of different cultures, the importance of the place and  role of each folk in the historical development. It helps to work out interrespectable principles of  intercultural and international communication and relationships.

Komykh N.G.
Sociological discours: the characteristics of production
In the article are examined a manufacturability sociological discours, namely roles of language are in  this process. Attention of analysis of essence features of concept is spared «discours» exactly in a  sociological context on the basis of ideas of Y. Habermas, M. Foucault, Y. Markova. A language is the  source of changes of discours, in such understanding sociological discours - it the rules of translation of  the social world and sociological science are certain.

Kravchenko I. V.
Social mobility of youth at the sphere of  high education: specificity and  problems 
At this article  it was analysed main problems of social mobility of youth  at the sphere of  high  education. Author makes  an analyses of  main student groups,  what take a part in this process.

Krimets L.V.
Social interaction in modern dialog philosophy context
The article addresses the problem of the effectiveness of social interaction in modern society, raised  issues relating to the terms dialogization social space that involves updating and support factors  harmonize interpersonal and intercultural relations. 

Lazarev F.
Survival as a sociological and cultural-historical category
In the article the most important category of modern sociology and philosophy of history - the survival  of a historical community. This category is considered in the context of actual and acute problems of  modern civilization.

Rochnyak E.W.
To the problem of gender socialization in modern Ukrainian society
The article deals with philosophical and cultural analysis of the notion of gender socialization.  Diametrical features which are typical of the analysis (masculine and feminine) are identified. Problems  connected with this process are accentuated. Possible ways of their solution are given. 

Tsvetkov A.P. 
New Age religion as an object of sociological analysis
The article analyzes the phenomenon of religion "new age" within the context of the sociology of  religion. Given their typological characteristics.

Shapovalov S.A.
Extremism in individual consciousness
The person who stands at the doesn’t construction of a picture of the world has a  tendency to   ontologization – the person not quite separates the concept about the world from a reality.  Persons with strict, rigid system set perceive events in the surrounding reality, discording with their  system of personal construct, as threatening personally  to itself. The answer to threat – aggression of  which the highest degree of display is the extremism. 

 Shorkin A.D.
Society in noospherical foreshortening
The noospherical approach to the problem of correlation of resources of demographic development and  social integration is formed.