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Vol. 26 (65) №5 2013
Philosophy. Culturology. Political sciences. Sociology

Vol. 26 (65) №3 2013

.26 (65) №5, 2013

Berzhansky V.N.
V.I. Vernadsky gubilee in the Taurida National V.I. Vernadsky University

Galimov E. M.
V.I. Vernadsky – Scientist – Philosopher – Citizen

Naumov G.B.
Three synthesis of  space  - the foundation  of Vernadsky's noosphere

Solonenko Y.A.
Anthropocosmical ideas of Vernadsky and global problems of modern science and civilization

Shadrin N.V.
Two understanding of the biosphere and the noosphere (В. Vernadsky vs A. von Humboldt) and the challenges of sustainable development in the world of change

Voyevodin A.P.
"Noosphere": sotsiotsentrizm versus anthropocentrism

Voronin I.
Noosferogenesis – a laws stage in development of the biosphere

Zhulkov M.V.
Ways of noospheric development: model of sistem of noospheric society

Sulyeymenov I. E., Mun G. A., Grigoriev P. Y.,
Panchenko S. V., Shaltykova D. B., Sulyeymenova K.I.

Some evidence of completion of the first phase of the noosphere revolution in modern society

Belyatskaya A.A.
Linguoculture and noosphere: a new perspective of human evolution (linuoanthropogenesis in the XXI century)

Tsvetkov A.
Homo noosphericus as image actualization of homo responsabilis

Potapov A.D., Ryabova S.S.
The  coevolution and the harmonisation – methodological basis noospherology

Skalenko A.K.
Global relationship and crisis in the system «people, ekosfera and informatisation world»

Khanin I.G., Polyakov M.V., Alekseeva V.V.
Noosphere vorldwiev as the basis for the development of civilization

Zinnurova L.I.
V.I. Vernadsky about science

Kalnoy I.I.
Evaluation and self-evaluation intelligentsias

Lavrov V.
V.I. Vernadsky and commission for the study of natural productive forces of the crimea: new materials

Vladimirsky B.M<.
Some ideas of V. Vernadsky, uncommonly discussed: from repeated discoveries to the “bursts” of scientific creativity


Series «Geography» Т.26 (65) №3, 2013

Podolsky A.L.
Designing protected natural areas on the basis of modeling population dynamics of rare species

Sotskova L.M., Pozachenyuk K.A., Kalinchuk I.V.
Water crisis - the global problem of civilization

Rassadnikova S.I.
Methodological foundations and trends of ecologcalinfra structure developmentin solving problems of noosphere sustainable development

Hryniv L.S.
Transdisciplinarity principles of forming noosphere model of economic development

Maksymenko N.V., Mykhailova K.Yu.
Agricultural landscapes simulation for the purposes of sustainable development

Kupinets L.E.
Sectoral development priorities in the context of  the economy ecologization national policy

Oliferov A.N.
Hydroenergetical power of crimea rivers

Nekos A.N., Bodak I.V., Semibratova P.V.
Modern ecological and environmental education as the perspective for the noosphere’s development

Pasynkova L.A.
Canyons of the continental slope of the Black sea

Yergina E.I.
Analysis of the dynamics of building climate soil formation of the Crimean peninsula

Dragan N.A.
The contribution of V. I. Vernadsky in the soil biogeochemistry

Sotskova L.M., Panin A.G., Dragan N.А.
Historical and geo-environmental analysis and understanding of resource and environmental crises as the origins of the doctrine of the noosphere

Panin A.G.
Modern development of global warming in the overlay result of human activity on natural climate cycles

Pozachenyuk E.A., Petlukova E.A., Tabunshchyk V.A.
The concept modern landscape and the environmental management organization (on the example of the water preserving zones)

Gostischеva K.S.
Comparative analysis of levels of landscape planning


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