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Vol. 27 (66) № 1 2014
Philosophy. Culturology. Political sciences. Sociology


Berestovskaya D.
The symbolic world of the early prose of S. Sergeev-Tsensky

Brusnitsyna O.S.
Sably: history and destiny of the estate

Bryzhak O.V.
Сultural phenomenon of calendar holiday: the dialogical aspect (on the example of the holiday “oseniny“)

Volodin A.N.
Dialogue category in James Basov’s creativity

Girfanova A.
The art representativeness in cultures aspects (on example of Russian-German relations)

Grigorieva L.I. 
I.G. Gerder’s “Ideas to Philosophyv of Human History” for Modern Culturologist

Dobroyer N. V.
The phenomenon of globalization in contemporary culture
The main objective of this paper is to define the content and specificity of cultural globalization as a cultural phenomenon.

Drozdov A. V.
Problems semiotics cultural landscape Koktebel

Druzhinina E. S.
Cultural and historical foundations of hero archetype

Dunkevych S.G.
Dance television show as an element of visual culture (by the example of the project “Dancing with the stars”)

Zherdeva  A.M.
The Role of the Saints in Turkish War Legends

Kiіk D. A.
Principles of leather artistic treatment in ethnic footwear decoration of Kazan Tatars and peoples of the Far Northeast

Kokorina E. G.
Chuck Lorre’s vanity cards as a personal blog: the synthesis of facilities and means

Kopylova N.A.
The idea of androyny in Antique culture

Kostromitskaya A. V.
The interdisciplinary approach to the study of a city

Kubko V.P.
Formation Phases of Corporate Culture at Higher Educational Establishments of Ukraine
Analyzing the main stages of formation, changing and improving the corporate culture of higher educational establishments of Ukraine. Proposed mechanisms for updating the corporate culture of educational institutions and determined the choice of means for the task.

Kuramshina Y.V.
“Move forward to the past!”: vintage fashion in contemporary culture

Kuryanova I. A., Kuzyachkina M. V.
Interpretation of folk tradition in Ukrainian baroque art

Lykova N.N.
Image of the Saint Soldier in fresco of the medieval Crimea (on a material of monuments of mural of the XIII-XV centuries)

Mamutova Kh. E.
Cultural identity of ukrainian society in the process of intercultural communication

Nikolaeva A. O.
«Odessa’s theme» in the repertoire of  Theater of  Musical Comedy the name of  M.Vodyanoy

Normanska Iuliia
To the question of clericalization of contemporary cultural landscape (on the example of Crimea)

Pavlova O. U.
Visual culture of postmodern: vision’s modes of private and public

Pashkovskaya L. L.
Creation  G.Skovoroda as a phenomenon of  preromanticism

Petrova I.V.
Popular Culture and Leisure in Modern Europe

Pogrebnyak J.V.
Opera as synthetic genre of art

Temnenko G. M.
Towards Systemic Comprehension of artistic phenomena

Tiaglova M.
Play-element in the protest movement and playing in the sacred

Usejnova E.T  
The Revival of poly-ethnic Cultures of Crimean Peoples by Example of the Ethnographic Village of Crimean Tatars

Khairedinova Z.
Demography of Crimean Tatars first half of the nineteenth century in the reflection of the reports of the Tauride province

Shevchuk V.
Synthesis of the arts as a distinctive feature of creativity of D. Burlyuk in the beginning of the XX century

Yanshina S. V., Kuramshina Y.V.   
Fashion as the reflection of reality (on example of the material  of P. Poiret`s work)


Bovkun J.D.
Comparative characteristics of program settings Party of Regions and the United Opposition on the parliamentary elections in 2012

Litvinenko Y.V.  
Analysis of socio - demographic indicators majority districts in Ukraine parliamentary election in 2012

Proshin D.V.
Waves in shallow water: the critics of the wave theory of the transformation of terrorism

Katunin U.A.
“Color Revolutions”: Methodology and Techniques of Organization

Chigrin V.A.
The Historic Mission of  Country’s Armed Forces  in Servicemen’s Opinion (by Sociological Monitoring Results)

Chigrina N.V.
Student and specialty (based on sociological monitoring)


Vasilyeva O.S.
The paradigm of civilized development of  S. Podolynskyi, V.Vernadskyi, M. Rudenko as the future of Ukraine

Lichkovah V.A.
Methodological Problems of Determination of Specific Features of Ukrainian Esthetic Thought